Download a target and set it up in a safe location. You can shoot from any distance and shoot with anything that can leave a mark or hole in the paper. Shoot the target, following the scoring guidelines and then take a picture of the target when you are done. Click the "Submit Results" button and upload your picture.

Bear Hunt
Download Target
With 10 shots, try to hit every bear. Your score will be the number of bears you hit.
Duck Hunt
Download Target
Keep shooting as long as you hit a duck. Your total score is how many ducks you hit before you miss one. You can hit a duck more than one time.
Virus Plinker
Download Target
With 10 shots, see how high of a score you can get! The littlest targets have the highest value and the biggest targets have the lowest value. Add up the point value of the targets you hit for your final score. You can shoot a target more than once.